Venice is one of my favourite places, I visit at least once a year.

Here are a few photos I took during two trips to Venice in Spring and Autumn 2001

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delicatessen.jpg (83003 bytes) dogepalace.jpg (79135 bytes) fisheye.jpg (68120 bytes) garden1.jpg (83178 bytes) garden2.jpg (71626 bytes) grande_full.jpg (60211 bytes)
Jewish sweets St. Mark's Basilica fish eye view Canal Grande, garden Canal Grande view from the vaporetto
grande_garden.jpg (89593 bytes) maria_salute.jpg (53083 bytes) grande_gondola.jpg (92279 bytes) grande_red.jpg (91441 bytes) grande_taxi.jpg (76830 bytes) grande1.jpg (84793 bytes)
nice garden Santa Maria della Salute Gondola, one of my favourites Facade on the Canal Grande Taxi! noble houses
mistygondola.jpg (38390 bytes) mistygondole.jpg (50155 bytes) old_building.jpg (73586 bytes) palace.jpg (67460 bytes) sidecanal.jpg (73035 bytes) stmarks.jpg (77831 bytes)
Gondola in the early morning mist again old building palaces side canal San Marco
icon.jpg (86176 bytes) mask.jpg (69417 bytes) gondola.jpg (98271 bytes) misty.jpg (50583 bytes) sidestreet.jpg (73717 bytes) sidecanal1.jpg (66663 bytes)
a sudden flash of light came down... carnival mask what a gondola! misty back street canal
vaporetti.jpg (63615 bytes) rialto.jpg (71254 bytes) washing.jpg (81407 bytes)
Canal Grande Rialto washing
sigh.jpg (84187 bytes)
bridge of sighs


Venice is well worth a visit, you could stay here forever and never run out of photo opportunities ... or the sense of wonder at the sheer beauty of the place ... Spring and Autumn are the best times to go I think                                    

The camera used was a Pentax MZ-S with a Pentax 24-90  and 17-28 fisheye zoom                                                  


                                                           tommybed_w.jpg (65908 bytes)

                                                        Tommy, resting ...

This picture shows how good the "older" manual focus lenses can be .. I picked this 50mm f1.4 Pentax A lens up for 70, it had obviously never been used.

The camera used was a Pentax MZ-S with a Pentax SMC-A f1.4 50mm (manual focus, set to f1.4, hand held with available light)