I use a wide collection of cameras, digital and analog, here are a few samples of a classic piece of kit.

My Hasselblad is a 501 CM, with an Accute Matte D viewing screen (bright!)

My lenses are a Planar CB 80mm, a Biogon 50mm T* and a Sonnar 150mm T*

Here are a few photos taken this Winter in the Berner Oberland area of the Swiss Alps, using the CB 80mm "standard" lens

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bighut_h.jpg (460300 bytes) bridge_h.jpg (542418 bytes) jungfrau_h.jpg (480731 bytes) muerren_h.jpg (493694 bytes)
The Jungfrau Massiv Railway bridge near Mürren Across the Lauterbrunnen valley The outskirts of Mürren
trees_h.jpg (569420 bytes) village_h.jpg (509362 bytes) treesmountains_h.jpg (468015 bytes) mike_h.jpg (393415 bytes)
Through the trees Wengen Nice view Me


Three stonemasons and their work at a recent international competition in Munzingen, Freiburg

stonemason3_h.jpg (101490 bytes) stonemason1_h.jpg (123910 bytes) stonemason2_h.jpg (95857 bytes)

...bright sunny day, handheld with Planar CB 80mm